The Swedish designer, Janet A. Fernandez, is the artist behind J.A. Design Studio. Born in Landskrona, Sweden, Janet moved to Rome, where she lived for over 20 years. In Italy, she studied design and started her career as an interior designer.

Much of the inspiration for her work comes from her Swedish heritage and Italian background. As an interior designer, Janet likes to mix modern with classic and to incorporate clean lines with antique detailing.

In 1995, she moved to Miami, where she expanded her clientele as both an artist and an interior designer. In 2000, Janet developed her line of hand-painted and designed tablecloths and textiles.

Today, Janet is busy with her company, J.A. Design Studio, and her expanding line of custom-made textiles. J.A. Design Studio is currently located in Miami, Florida, but is carried in several stores around the country.

Tulu Textiles

Tulu is cabbages, lotuses, tin cans, turquoise tiles, tulips. Harold Melvin, grandmother’s curtains, mahfouz, fig trees, enameled copper, bazaars full of junk, vintage pucci, campari and lime, a suburban girl at home in Istanbul.

Elizabeth Hewitt, Tulu’s designer and owner, began her work as an antique textile dealer and collector. A constant traveller – to India, Central Asia, Indonesia, Burma, Morocco, Spain – Elizabeth is constantly collecting – fabrics, objects, sights, sounds, colors, stories – and incorporating them into her work:

I take photos of tin cans and funny walls and worn down marble, then I do a painting and that becomes a design. I cut up paper and photos and words. I paint and sketch ideas that come from hearing live music, reading a good book, hearing a story. I am just following what I am feeling or loving. I love 20th-century design and art. And I love crusty old textiles and antiques. I especially love crusty old textiles that look like they were designed in 1950 but were actually made in some weird place 200 years ago.

And as all her friends will attest, elizabeth is a great storyteller, and her fabrics are artistic versions of her infectious stories told over one or ten cocktails. Tulu is full of stories. Not only in the names of fabrics and bedding collections – Stella, Melvin, Kezban, Madame Thar, Lu-si, all of them real people in Elizabeth’s wide circle of friends and influences – but also in the character of the designs themselves. Elizabeth’s unique combination of scale and saturated color make her designs bold and beautiful or sophisticated and unassuming, as if they are telling us their story in their own language.

Tulu is like a well-kept secret, or a well-told story, that gets richer with the retelling.

Carleton V

Carleton V Ltd. is a textile design firm that specializes in the development of original printed and woven fabrics. This collection of fabrics ranges from Traditional floral prints to exotic contemporary wovens that use color and scale to achieve a style that appeals to customers of a wide range of tastes. The staple concept of the Carleton V Ltd. design studio is that color, scale, and texture are equal parts of the design spectrum. Our fabric line is constantly evolving in order to display the designs of yesterday in a synthesis with the design concepts of tomorrow.

The company was started by Carleton Varney in 1973 in order to create bold, unique prints for his projects at Dorothy Draper and Company. Sebastian Varney, Carleton’s son, is the current president of the company. He has created a line that celebrates the history of the brand while keeping it fresh and current. He was greatly inspired by his mother, Suzanne Varney, who acted as the president and creative force behind Carleton V for several years. Suzanne merged the distinctly “Draper-esque” designs with soft, traditional elements to create the brand that we know and maintain today.

Quercus & Co

Quercus & Co. is a wallpaper & fabric design and printing company based in St Peters, Sydney.

We love pattern and colour! It’s joyous, uplifting, energising and beautiful to have in your home.

Printed using the latest technology, our hand-drawn designs add a wonderful painterly style to any interior.

de Gournay

de Gournay’s preference is for vibrant, balanced and contrasting colours that create an aura of happiness which will allow you to relax and be surrounded by beauty after a hectic day. If you prefer monochromes or muted or autumnal colours our artists will work to ensure the end effect is as perfect as possible – we are the painters using the highest possible skills to help you to realise your dreams and not to impose our taste on our clients. Whatever the scheme, if the realisation is left to de Gournay, our signature attention to detail and quality will always shine through.

Our artisans are artists. Our wallpapers, our mirrors, our dinner plates are works of art. They will be sold at auctions in a few hundred years as valuable antiques. Each artist leaves a little bit of his soul in every creation and it is this ‘spirit resonance’ that distinguishes our work from machine made replicas.

A famous potter in the Ming dynasty was unable to make the porcelain as thin and as light as the emperor had requested and he threw himself into the kiln in despair. We no longer apply the same pressures but we hope that each item we produce represents the ultimate level of striving for perfection that can be achieved by an artist. Each work becomes the embodiment of the artist’s spirit and will bring you long-lasting happiness.

Seema Krish

Bombay born Seema Krish is known for her ‘Modern Traditional’ aesthetic in the medium of textiles. In her Boston studio, she creates contemporary textile designs that are combined with traditional textile making techniques. She finds inspiration for her unique visual vocabulary in living between two cultures- East and West. Colors, patterns and textures have intrigued Seema since she was a little girl growing up in India.

More than 15 years ago, she brought her passion to the United States, where she flourished as a young designer; first as a student at Fashion Institute of Technology and later in various top flight companies. There is a thread that runs through Seema’s work and design aesthetic. She possesses an unconventional color sense paired with a modern sensibility and a dedication to subtle details. Her work evokes her fusion of influences and ethnic traditions that are combined with innovation and modern technology.