Carleton V Ltd. is a textile design firm that specializes in the development of original printed and woven fabrics. This collection of fabrics ranges from Traditional floral prints to exotic contemporary wovens that use color and scale to achieve a style that appeals to customers of a wide range of tastes. The staple concept of the Carleton V Ltd. design studio is that color, scale, and texture are equal parts of the design spectrum. Our fabric line is constantly evolving in order to display the designs of yesterday in a synthesis with the design concepts of tomorrow.

The company was started by Carleton Varney in 1973 in order to create bold, unique prints for his projects at Dorothy Draper and Company. Sebastian Varney, Carleton’s son, is the current president of the company. He has created a line that celebrates the history of the brand while keeping it fresh and current. He was greatly inspired by his mother, Suzanne Varney, who acted as the president and creative force behind Carleton V for several years. Suzanne merged the distinctly “Draper-esque” designs with soft, traditional elements to create the brand that we know and maintain today.